Saturday, April 9, 2011

Women's Encyclopedia, 1974

Click image for 954 x 1307 size. Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, 20-26 March, 1 April 1974.

"A collection of fascicles with over 2.000 pages full of solutions for your daily problems.

Each week women receive valuable info on decoration, handy work, domestic finances, health, sexual education, psychology, etiquette, fashion, beauty, law and culinary art.

Women's Encyclopedia fascicles make up seven magnificent volumes.

The last covers of the fascicles and the pages especially produced for you by Cláudia magazine, you'll set up 'Cláudia's Cook Book'. When you purchase the first fascicle you receive the second one for free.

Start your collection now. It's available on Tuesdays in every book store and tobacconists.

Abril Cultural Publishers
Exclusive distributors, Livraria Bertrand"

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