Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Socialite luggage, 1956

December Vogue 1956, originally uploaded by dovima_is_devine_II.
December Vogue 1956. Model is Evelyn Tripp.

Elegance with a master's touch

'Birth of Venus' by Botticelli
Florence, Italy

The beautiful simplicity, the classic lines, of a true work of art. And, like all true works of art, this beauty is forever - fashioned with the lightness of froth... the strength of steel - balanced to open at the touch of your finger... double-locked for complete safety.

The cover? A single, flowing curve... seamless, jointless, and practically impervious to wear.

The lining? Luxurious French crepe... soft in color, distinctive in design.

The colors? Delicate shades that nothing can chip or fade.

The price? From $19.95 to $42.95.

The Weekender, the Ladies Wardrobe, and the Train Case in blue, grey, or tan U. S. Royalite covering with oriental print linning. Twelve models to choose from - all of them beautiful, all of them guaranteed.

Socialite luggage
Product of U. S. Trunk Co."

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