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Crosley Radios, 1947

"New Radio Thrill", originally uploaded by saltycotton.
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"Household" magazine
June 1947.

"New stay-at-home-go-and-roam radio thrill

graceful beauty in a home radio plus a gypsy spirit for the outdoors

Enjoy year-'round entertainment at home or away - with the versatile Crosley PorTABLE Radio.

It's a smartly styled modern table radio - performs like a star on AC or DC. But it's also a rugged traveler, with a powerful long-lasting battery pack, to liven your picnics, week-ends, vacations and travels - anywhere, anytime.

Crosley PorTABLE Radio

You need never again consider merely a portable radio of limited use. For here is a proudly handsome home radio of great power and lifelike tone... instantly ready to share your outdoor excursions.

The go-and-roam season is beckening now. Be ready to enjoy every moment of it... see and hear this year-'round-pal at your Crosley dealer's TODAY!

Ready at home, ready to roam

You'll have more fun on your outings with a Crosley PorTABLE to bring a world of entertainment to your special pleasure spot. A powerful, long-life battery pack keeps this excursion-companion ready to room to seashore, to mountains - anywhere, anytime.

a radio in every room - a radio for every purpose

smart and new - from every view

Crosley Rondo Table Radio

Any way you look at it the Crosley RONDO is a gem. Anywhere you place it - on end table, mantel, or bedside stand - you'll be proud of its smartness. Amazing small set performance on either AC or DC, any 110-120 volt outlet. See and hear this compact Crosley masterpiece of advanced styling and radionic engineering, at your Crosley dealer's. You'll be surprised at the modest price. CROSLEY Division - The Aviation Corporation Cincinnati 25, Ohio

The CROSLEY Shelvador

Gives you 28 feet of front-row food of your fingertips every time you open the door. Here's one refrigerator door that is a convenience instead of a nuisance .. and it's exclusive with Crosley. Ask your Crosley dealer to demonstrate this 'Speed Way for Meals'... show you all the improvements in home refrigeration that are yours in the Shelvador.

GAS RANGES - Featuring the waist-high broiler and other conveniences for better, easier cooking.

ELECTRIC RANGES - Crosley SERVI-CHEF Control Timer is just one of many features you'll appreciate.

FURNISH YOUR KITCHEN - beautiful Crosley Servisink and Cabinets - sinplify all kitchen tasks. Save time and steps. Easily installed.

THE DEBUTANTE - Fits small space - has many 'big' console refinement.

MATCHLESS CARROLLTON RADIO-PHONO WITH F. M. and Floating Jewel Tone System that says 'Goodbye' to needle noise - chatter - hiss - and scratch! Records last up to 10 times longer - and sound better."

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