Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hazel Woileard, Peet's Crystal White Laundry Soap, 1918

Click image for 857 x 1300 size.

"It's Easy to Prolong the Life of the Daintiest Things You Wear

As you see dainty negligees and soft undergarments in the shop windows, do you worry about fequent laundering or, do you, like millions who know, think of 'The Perfect Family Soap'-

Peet's Crystal White

Insures longer life for the softest and most delicate fabrics, a timely desire of these days of sensible thrift. Unsurpassed for fine laundry work because it is mild; will not roughen or shred. A better soap for every household cleansing task.

Peet Bros. MFG. Co.
Kansas City San Francisco"

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