Monday, April 11, 2011

We're moving

The Google AdSense Team has sent me an email warning me that one of my other blogs, Old Paint, has pornography and/or adult content. As an example, they referred me to the 1932 label, in which one may find these two paintings:

I was told that unless I remove those images they can not continue to allow me to display ads on that or indeed on any other of my blogs that also contain images of nudity - which is perfectly possible, seeing as I love art.

I would have liked to contact whoever is the decider in the AdSense team, to inform him/her that neither Tamara de Lempicka nor François-Emile Barrauda were pornographers, nor did they produce anything other than quality content (not to say there is no quality porn) - but the same mind that could not tolerate the sight of these works of art understandably will also not tolerate to be contacted. They appear to be spooked by many things with no rational motive.

In this the AdSense team is not alone. For example, the team in charge of supervising the content of blogs has become sadly known for its tendency to feel upset over gay sites (including those that, like mine, are not pornographic) deleting them without justifying so to their authors - which makes perfect sense for, in truth, how does one justify a morally indefensible aversion? How does one justify a prejudice?

Seeing as it's not possible to talk to these people, nor would they understand me if I did, and they'd just get emotionally stressed for nothing if I were to do so; and seeing as I would not wish to cause any more emotional distress to people who already worry themselves so much over things that don't matter, I thought it best to simply transfer all my blogs to Tumblr, something which was very easy to do and not a bother at all.

And it's done! The new address is Vintage Ads and there I will continue to do much the same that I've been doing here. So if you've liked it so far, just follow the link.

I'd like to thank Blogger for having served me so well throughout these years and I hope those responsible for these reprehensible decisions keep taking the pills. See you soon! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hazel Woileard, Peet's Crystal White Laundry Soap, 1918

Click image for 857 x 1300 size.

"It's Easy to Prolong the Life of the Daintiest Things You Wear

As you see dainty negligees and soft undergarments in the shop windows, do you worry about fequent laundering or, do you, like millions who know, think of 'The Perfect Family Soap'-

Peet's Crystal White

Insures longer life for the softest and most delicate fabrics, a timely desire of these days of sensible thrift. Unsurpassed for fine laundry work because it is mild; will not roughen or shred. A better soap for every household cleansing task.

Peet Bros. MFG. Co.
Kansas City San Francisco"

Fórmula 1 men's wear, 1974

Click image for 737 x 1000 size. Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, 20-26 March, 1 April 1974.

"Shirts and Polos
The new rythm of fashion"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Women's Encyclopedia, 1974

Click image for 954 x 1307 size. Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, 20-26 March, 1 April 1974.

"A collection of fascicles with over 2.000 pages full of solutions for your daily problems.

Each week women receive valuable info on decoration, handy work, domestic finances, health, sexual education, psychology, etiquette, fashion, beauty, law and culinary art.

Women's Encyclopedia fascicles make up seven magnificent volumes.

The last covers of the fascicles and the pages especially produced for you by Cláudia magazine, you'll set up 'Cláudia's Cook Book'. When you purchase the first fascicle you receive the second one for free.

Start your collection now. It's available on Tuesdays in every book store and tobacconists.

Abril Cultural Publishers
Exclusive distributors, Livraria Bertrand"

Plaza 8, 1966

Plaza 8 ad, 1966
Plaza 8 ad, 1966, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 750 x 1000 size. Scanned from The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s.

Friday, April 8, 2011

DuPont, 1961

DuPont ad, 1961
DuPont ad, 1961, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 784 x 1000 size. Scanned from The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s.

It ought to be a law.

JUNIOR ACCENT thinks 'twould be a crime for pure pizzaz not to have the lasting shape of 'Dacron'. Thus, this sonic knit that has - a print so bold you can almost hear it. And a fresh so great it goes on forever. And why? Because it's 100% Dacron polyester. In red/white/navy, yellow/white/black. Sizes 6-16. About $46. Available at Franklin Simon, New York and branches; Town and Country, Des Moines; Joseph Horne Co., Pittsburgh; Frederic & Nelson, Seattle.

Better Things for Better Living... through Chemistry"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Portugal, tourism poster, 1950s

Portugal, tourism poster, 1950s
Portugal, tourism poster, 1950s, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Scanned from the book "Portugal Século XX, Crónica em Imagens, 1950-1960" by Joaquim Vieira.

Mentholatum, 1947

Scanned from Portuguese magazine O Século Ilustrado, No. 508, September 27 1947.

"The first sign!...

Don't waste time when you feel the first symptoms of a cold: carelessness might cost you dear. Apply immediately Mentholatum on your chest, throat and nose. But demand the true Mentholatum"