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Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, 1918

Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, 1918
Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, 1918, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 575 x 869 size. From Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919".

"The Breakfast for Every Kind of Morning

The breakfast everyone likes best! That's easiest for you! And the most economical!

Ready as soon as the coffee is

For the ordinary morning
So healthful and 'filling' - so good for children!

Give them Aunt Jemima pancakes. They'll love them - they'll scramble down early - they'll eat 'Good breakfast'!

And the (?), tender cakes are so healthful, so nourishing - you couldn't give them anything better to start them off for school. They're just the breakfast to give them morning after morning.

For the 'slept-late' morning
So QUICK - so EASY - to make

No mixing to do - no measuring - everything is ready mixed in the flour - even the sweet milk. You just add water, give the batter a brisk beating, and less than a minute later you are lifting the tender, golden cakes off the griddle.

And they are so economical, too! These Aunt Jemima breakfasts cost less than one of meat or eggs!

For the morning you have guests
Perfect cakes EVERY time

When you want to make sure that breakfast goes off delightfully, serve Aunt Jemima pancakes. They are prepared so carefully for you that you cannot help making perfect, brown, tender pancakes every time!

Your guests will exclaim over them - they have so much more delicious flavor than ordinary pancakes. The sweet milk - powdered and (?) in - the specially ground flours - give Aunt Jemima pancakes a flavor you cannot get in any others. Order a package of Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Flour, too, when you order the Pancake flour.

Make muffins and waffles and breakfasts of Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, too. See how light and fine flavored they are.

Send for the jolly Rag Dolls

Send one Aunt Jemima box tag (either Pancake or Buckwheat Flour) with only six cents in stamps and get one of the famous Aunt Jemima Rag Dolls. Or four flour tags and and only twenty four cents you can get the whole jolly family."

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