Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soft-Weve, 1959

Soft-Weve, originally uploaded by sugarpie honeybunch.
From Better Homes & Gardens, April 1959.

"Luxury on a high-flying cloud - this fabulous 'angel wing' negligee in pink peau de soie. Specially designed by Scaasi to match the delicate pink luxury of Soft-Weve, the bathroom tissue that has everything... superb 'facial quality' - luxurious 2-ply softness - and now a 'See-through' wrap to show you the lovely 'negligee' colors!

The most noticed little luxury in your home"



You might consider crediting the Duke Digital Collections for this ad as this is where it came from when you borrowed it from my Flickr photo stream.

M said...

Are you Sugarpie Honeybunch on Flickr? If so I have given credit to you three times: on the photo, on its title and in your flickr name. Visitors can click on any of these links and go to the original page where you give credit the Duke Digital Collections. If you are not the same person you might consider taking your complaint to the flickr user who borrowed your image.