Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lady Esther Face Powder, 1936

Powder Shades, originally uploaded by Gitwithit.
Movie Mirror July 1936.

"Play my game of 'Powder Shades'

See if the Shade You Are Using is Really the Right One for You! By Lady Esther

You're pretty sure about the shade of face powder you use, aren't you? You're quite certain it's the right shade for you.

What would you say if you were to find out it was the wrong shade entirely for you? Don't be so sure that this isn't the case. As any artist or make-up expert will tell you, many women use the wrong shade of face powder entirely. The result is, they look years older than they really are.

The reason so many women use the wrong shade of face powder is that they select their shades on the wrong basis altogether. It's a mistake to select your shade of face powder according to your so-called 'type.' You are not a 'type.' You are an individual."

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