Sunday, October 24, 2010

Faultless 'Wearever' Rubber Goods, 1917

Click image for 1225 x 1774 size. Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919".

"You buy Rubber Goods for Service and Comfort. Our intention is to provide articles which can be depended upon in an emergency - articles which will not come apart, or leak, or fail you in any way at the time when you need them.

Therefore, you will be the gainer if you insist that every piece of Rubber Goods you purchase for home use bears either the name 'WEAREVER' or 'FAULTLESS.' These trade names identify the fines line of Rubber Goods for the home being made today. This line includes Hot Water Bottles and Face Bottles, Fountain and Combination Syringes, Bulb and Douche Syringes, Bathing Caps and Household Gloves, Sponges and Sponge Bags, Sponge Brushes and Complexion Brushes, Rubber Toys, Balls and Balloons, Nipples and Nurses, Comforters and Breats Pumps, Infant and Ear and Ulcer Syringes, Ice Bags, Invalid Cushions and a complete assortment of Sick Room and Surgical Rubber Goods.

'FAULTLESS' - 'WEAREVER' Rubber Goods will give thoroughly satisfactory, long-lasting service in your home. Each article has been carefully developed and improved so as best to serve the particular purpose for which it is intended. Many of them have exclusive patented improvements. On this page we only have room to illustrate but a small part of our line. Other items are mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Go to your dealer and ask him to show you 'FAULTLESS' - 'WEAREVER' Rubber Goods. If he does not have them in stock, he can easily secure for you anything you desire. If he will not do so, write us and we will direct you to our dealer nearest to you who has these goods in stock.

Write for this booklet (free)

Upon receipt of your request we will be glad to send, without charge, an interesting illustrated booklet regarding rubber goods and their proper use and care. It also describes the Rubber Goods we make for Household, Toilet, Nursery and Sick Room use.

The Faultless Rubber Company
Makers of a Complete Line of High Grade Rubber Goods for the Household, Toilet, Nursery and Sick Room

'Seetie' Given to Your Baby

The cutest rubber doll you ever saw! 3 1/4 in. tall; perfectly formed; strong red rubber with sanitary finish; the safest doll for your baby. Given when you buy a FAULTLESS 'Natural Nurser' before Dec. 15, 1917. This Nurser has non-collapsing and non-leaking, broad, soft, breat-like nipple, of finest quality, fresh, clean 'live' rubber. It is strong, tough and wear-resisting but very resilient. The nipple stands repeated sterilizing and gives long service. The Patented Valve assures nature-like nursing and an even, steady flow of food. The nipple fits tightly on the wide-mouth, no-neck, sanitary bottle; never leaks; is easily put on and the baby cannot pull it off. The FAULTLESS 'Natural Nurser' is the most economical nurser you can use. It costs 30c cpmplete. 'Sweetie' costs you nothing extra up to Dec. 15, 1917. She is our gift. Buy the outht of our dealer. If he cannot supply you, send this coupon direct to us."

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