Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, 1951

"Wanted: More Green Thumbs

In a world faced with constant food shortages in so many countries, more 'green thumbs' are needed!

Here in America, modern agricultural methods have increased farm production 60% in the past generation - even though today there are 20% fewer workers on the farms. This increased yield means plenty of food for every one here - and more besides. And the same methods, applied in other countries, would help answer world food needs.

Better seed, fertilizer, and new scientific methods play their part. Equally important are the various chemicals that now fight off blight, disease, and destructive insects. Starting before planting and continuing until the food is ready for our tables, hundreds of new materials increase and protect our food supply.

Even after harvest, man-made agents speed the ripening process. Others guard our food against rodents and insects.

The people of Union Carbide help make possible the high productivity of America's food producers by supplying chemicals for fungicides and insecticides, gases for ripening and preserving, and the stainless steel so important in the preparation and distribution of food. If you have a materials problem, in this field or other fields, it is quite likely they can help you also.

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