Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miracle Whip, 1950

McCalls, September 1950.

"Lost: a husband who would not eat salads

Found: a husband who gobbles them up

What did it? The one and only Miracle Whip

Watch your menfolks go for that one and only flavor!

Unless you've actually lasted Miracle Whip you honestly do not know what you - and your family! - are missing. For the one and only Miracle Whip is basically different from every other salad dressing... different in recipe and different in type.

Miracle Whip combines the qualities of zesty boiled dressing and fine mayonnaise. Made by a secret recipe, it has a tantalizing can't-be-copied flavor you get in it alone. Mixed in Kraft's own special beater, its texture is luciously smooth.

Today - this very day - get a jar of Miracle Whip Salad Dressing. Find out why it out-sells the next 20 leading brands combined!

Millions preffer the one and only Miracle Whip"

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