Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Embryodine, 1946

Scanned from Portuguese magazine O Século Ilustrado, March 16, 1946. Click image for 665 x 800 size.

"A new and original way to make your hair lovelier

Science finds hair creams and sprays damaging to your hair's life and beauty. Not only are they impermeable (not good) they also remove your hair's pigment and make it go grey sooner. Sometimes they even leave damaging particles that erode your hair little by little. Embryodine C and D are electro-magnetic fluids (obtained through a powerful electro-magnet of air nucleus) that, besides nourishing and strengthening the most tired of hair, also does not discolor it. Even though it's neither a cream nor a spray, it keeps a man's hair in place without making it pasty, and makes ladies' hair gracefully loose, slightly wavy, and radiantly shiny.

For ladies: Embryodine C
For men: Embryodine D"

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