Friday, November 27, 2009

Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoes, 1917

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919". Click image for 582 x 845 size.

"A stylish shoe that is really comfortable

An enjoyable sensation of elegance and ease is always experienced when a Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoe is slipped on the foot. Offered in the newest designs and most fashionable shapes, they satisfy the style requirements of the most fastidious.

Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoe for men & women, the original and genuine cushion shoes, afford an unequaled degree of comfort. The cushion insole, on which the foot rests as luxuriantly as on a velvet rug, absorbs every shock of the body. It keeps the feet from experiencing any extremes of weather and eliminates the discomfort of 'breaking' new shoes.

John Ebberts Shoe Co. and J. P. Smith Shoe Co. are pioneer makers of cushion shoes and exclusive manufacturers of the genuine Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoes for men and for women.

The trade-mark, stamped on the sole of every Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoe, is your assurance that you are procuring the real article - perfectly made of first-quality leather and materials."


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this ad...I am a descendant...great-great granddaughter...of John Ebberts! Have been researching the family tree, this will be a nice addition.

Richard Reed said...

And Dr. Adam Reed is my great grandfather. I spent quite some time at the Sunnyvale Patent Library long ago. All sorts of Reed patents. Got started by a "Sunset" magazine article about the library. Sunset showed two pages from the copyright / trademark book, on the left page was the Sunset logo, on the right page was the Dr. A. Reed logo. Neat !