Tuesday, December 21, 2010

American Meat Institute

American Meat Institute ad
American Meat Institute ad, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 1050 x 1525 size. Scanned from "Kitchen Kitsch - Eat & Drink in America".

"This is Life

Standing Rib Roast of Prime Beef - you may not find it every time you look for it in your store... but it's on its way back!

This is not just a piece of meat... this is something a man wants to come home to... something that helps children to grow... something that makes women proud of their meals.

This is a symbol of man's desire, his will to survive. For as old as man's instibct to live is his liking for meat. And to be satisfied in its eating.

Is it any wonder that, as meat moves back to the Home Plate, we look on meat with new regard, not just for its enjoyment, but as a nutritional cornerstone of life?

The protein of all meat (regardless of cut or kind) is complete. It contains all the amido acids essential to life.

Children must have them for growth. Everyone, young and old, must have them to maintain tissues, regenerate blood, resist infections, rebuild the body after injury or illness.

This seal means that all nutritional statements made in this advertisement arre acceptable to the Council of Foods and Nutrition of the American Medical Association.

American Meat Institute... Headquarters, Chicago... Members throughout the U. S."

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