Sunday, December 27, 2009

Libby's Peas and Corn, 1955

"Libby's are extra tender!

Enjoy these other Libby vegetables, too: Spinach - Beats - Asparagus - Lima Beans - Tomatoes - Pumpkin - Stringless Beans - Peas and Carrots - Garden Mixed Vegetables

Libby's extra tenderness means extra flavor! Just taste 'em. It's almost as though you'd picked 'em yourself in your own garden. Libby's are so sweet and tender!

And the prices are so good for your budget, you're smart to heap the market basket high with cans of Libby's Peas and Libby's Corn (whole kernel and the real creamy cream-style).

Get Libby's... None picked fresher... Packed faster!"

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