Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tropic Nitey Nite, 1953

Little "Beauty Sleepers", originally uploaded by saltycotton.
"Good Housekeeping", April 1953.

"Cool Lullaby
For your Beauty Sleepers

Tropic Nitey Nite

Cloud Cool Fabric
... soft as a breeze - Tropic Nitey Nite air-conditions dreamland for your sleeping starlets. Knit of absorbent combed cotton, no other sleeper assures them such cloud-cool comfort.

Sturdy Tailoring
... in a rainbow of gay, sudfast colors. Smooth, strong seams minimize mending. Smart Styles generously fashioned for cradlers, campers and teeners. Sizes 1-4; 4-10; 10-16.

... this special process insures that Tropic Nitey Nite will not shrink out-of-fit through countless normal washings. No ironing - just wash and there's wear - wear - wear in every thread of cool gay Tropic Nitey Nite."

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