Friday, July 2, 2010

Jell-O, Best Foods Mayonnaise and Hellmann's Mayonaise, 1953

"Good Housekeeping" April 1953.

"Ahhh! A really new salad idea!
Soufflé Salads!
Made the new fast-frost way!

Now! Man-pleasing molded salads that are different, delicious, FAST!

Imagine making dozens of applause-getting salads - with a wonderful new flavor and texture! So speedy, so easy - thanks to this brand-new way of combining Jell-O and the Whole-Egg Mayonnaise. Start with these hearty salads. Try appetizer, side-dish, and party salads, too - using your favorite vegetables, fruits, meats, as in basic recipe. Make your first Soufflé Salad tonight!"

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