Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dial soap, 1958

"Match Your Tile with Dial!", originally uploaded by saltycotton.
"Life" magazine, January 13, 1958.

"Now! Match your tile with Dial!

Lovely New Colors

Contains a wondrous new Skin Freshener for better than ever protection under make-up!

Complexion Dial's gentle new Skin Freshener - Super AT-/ - does what no ordinary soap, no drying synthetic, no greasy skin cream can possibly do! Sweeps away bacteria that so often spoil your complexion - without drying, without greasing your skin!

Then, Complexion Dial's new Skin Freshener stays on your skin. You can't see it or feel it. But it's there, protecting your complexion all day - even under make.up!

Today, buy Complexion Dial in colors - by the color of its gleaming new wrapper.

Pure luxury... sure protection for the beauty of your complexion!"

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