Monday, July 12, 2010

Magnésia Bisurada, 1947

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Século Ilustrado, No. 498, July 19 1947.

"'I never eat between meals...'

'... and yet when I do I eat very little. The simplest of foods causes me pain.' It's a pity she must abstain from eating plenty of nutritious meals, when in fact Magnésia Bisurada would provide relief in cases of gastric discomforts, such as: heart burn, flatulence, feelings of weight, etc. If you are afraid to eat, Lady, or deprive yourself of favorite foods, because you are the victim of digestion woes, do not hesitate to try Magnésia Bisurada, the stomach remedy that's proven to be effective.

Your digestion is assured with Magnésia Bisurada"

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