Monday, July 12, 2010

Honda, 1967

Honda ad, 1967, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Scanned from The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s. Click image for 745 x 987 size.

"Take your pick of a Honda. The trail 90 left. Or the Rally, one of the Honda Custom Group. These models feature a special type of tank, pipe, hamdlebars, seat. Ride off in your personalized Honda. Wild.

Honda shapes the world of wheels. You've got to hand it to Honda. New designs. New colors. Altogether 20 models to put a glint in your eye. That famous four-stroke engine takes everything in stride. Won five out of five '66 Grand Prix Championships, 50cc to 500cc. A world's record. With Hinda, performance counts as well as style. And that tells it like it is. Any qyestions? See your local Honda dealer for a safety demonstration ride."

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