Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kalburnie Gingham Fabrics, 1921

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 20s". Click image for 676 x 872 size.

"Kalburnie Gingham
Fast Color, 32 inches wide

Her first school dresses

Mother makes them of Kalburnie Gingham because she knows this fast-color gingham to be the right weight and weave for wear in steam-heated schoolrooms. The fall patterns offer a pleasing change from those chosen for summer dresses. School frocks soil almost as quickly as play dresses, and Kalburnie Gingham launders to look like new.

Kalburnie Gingham continues to be one of the most fashionable wash fabrics for all-the-year-wear. Its fall patterns are darker and richer in tone than those woven for spring and summer. Its colors stands fast even when the cloth freezes on the line. Its weight makes it satisfactory for home and school wear, both from the health standpoint and from that of comfort.

Kalburnie Gingham is woven at Lancaster Mills, the oldest gingham mills in the country. It is sold at most dry goods stores, prices at thirty cents a yard. Samples on request."

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