Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tupperware, 1950s?

Luau, Tupperware ad, 1950s?
Luau, Tupperware ad, 1950s?, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

"Tupperware makes light work of a luau!

Smart girl, this Hawaiian beauty! She's headed for a luau (that's Hawaiian for for cook-out) with all her food packed in lightweight Tupperware plastic containers - so easy to carry! And protective, too - the patented Tupperware Seal locks out aird and dust, locks in all of the food's flavor, purity and freshness. Whether you live in Waikiki or Walla Walla, you can lighten your work in the kitchen with Tupperware - and save food, money and time. Tupperware keeps left-overs 'just-cooked' delicious for days - and it 'reminds' you to use them, because you can see what's inside! You save space in your refrigerator and freezer, too - the seal fits so tightly you can store Tupperware any way. Even upside down! And wouldn't you know it, Tupperware is even fun to buy! It's sold at friendly home parties. Plan to attend - or have - a Tupperware party soon. Call your local distributor for your nearest dealer's name."

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