Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Marjory C. Woodbury, Nashua Woolnap Blankets, 1919

Click image for 597 x 886 size. From Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919".

"Warm as Pussy's Fuzzy Coat

Nature made the blanket that keeps pussy warm in zero weather. When Nature wants to keep an animal warm, she makes a fuzzy deep-napped coat, whether she uses fur, hair, wool nor cotton has any warmth in itself. The 'warmth' resides in the innumerable little cells of imprisioned air which hold in the bodily heat. Let the fabric become matted down, destroying those tiny air spaces and poor pussy would freeze.

Nashua Woolnap Blankets are woven on Nature's principle. By the Nashua process the cotton fibre is crinckled to give a deep nap, forming countless air spaces which hold in warmth.

This means that you can buy a blanket which is soft, warm and beautiful at a cost much lower than you have ever thought possible. Blankets that wash easily, that are strong, that do not shrink and that are moth-proof. The patterns of Nashua Woolnaps run from strudy tans for the boy's room to dainty plaids for your guest room. Wherever you use them you will find their cuddly comfort a delight.

Send for 'Our Friend Sleep', a booklet which gives you full details of the scientific tests which prove the great heat-retaining quality of Nashua Woolnap Blankets. It also gives other helpful information about blankets.

When next you buy blankets look for this ticket.

Buy W. S. S."

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