Saturday, November 27, 2010

General Motors, 1961

General Motors ad, 1961, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 754 x 1000 size. Scanned from The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s.

"Like Magic...

You'll fell better, look neater, stay cleaner with General Motors car aid conditioning

Go the healthful way - with Harrison Air Conditioning you breathe air that's literally washed... cool, invigorating air! This refreshing atmosphere helps take the tension out of every day traffic... the stress and strain out of all-day trips. What's more, you'll enjoy refreshing new relief from pollen and other air-borne irritants. Go the neat way - Harrison Air Conditioning eliminates excess humidity... clothes hold a sharp press, collars never wilt, hair keeps that combed-and-brushed freshness. Go the clean way... your car's interior can be as spic-and-span as your living room. With Harrison Air Conditioning, you lock out dirt, grime and insects... you knock out the road and wind noise that disturbs radio listening and conversation. So for a healthier, cleaner, neater way to go for you and your family... ask your GM Dealer for Harrison Air Conditioning in your new Cadillac, Buick, Olds mobile, Pontiac or Chevrolet.

Compressor by Frigidaire

GM Harrison
Automotive Air Conditioning
Cool air by the carload"

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