Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mildred Ann Gwen, Hinds Cream, 1928

Click image for 652 x 876 size. Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 20s".

"Too young to care - but their skins chap just the same!

Chapped, bleeding knuckles, roughened cheeks, cracked lips - protect your children from them. For chapping damages the delicate texture of children's skins. But you can prevent this happening to your children - with Hinds Honey & Almond Cream.

Just keep a bottle of Hinds Cream on the bathroom shelf. Let the oungsters rub it in their faces and hands every time they wash them; and before they go out. Then their skins won't get chapped! Hinds Cream will keep them soft, smooth and pliable as children's skins should be. (The same simple care will keep your skin silken, too.)

Hinds Cream absolutely prevents shapping - prevents all weathering of the skin. Keeps hands and lips soft, cheeks smooth and fresh - through any kind of weather. (It also soothes a skin already chapped.)

Try Hinds Cream. Just fill in the coupon and amil it - today."

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