Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tupperware, 1950s?

"'Gee, how she's going to love this Tupperware!'

Who wouldn't love these plastic food containers! They're almost too pretty to give away. (So mart Santas give thousands a set of Tupperware, too!) And there's more to Tupperware than pleases th eye. The exclusive, patented Tupperware Seal locks out moisture-robbing air... locks in food's freshness and flavor... turns left-overs into 'plan-overs'. Tupperware is so kitchen-wonderful that the folks who use it are the biggest givers of these light, bright containers. As for wrapping, packing and mailing Tupperware, Santa never had it so easy. Just ribbon and bow and it's gift wrapped! Tupperware wraps in a wink, won't chip or break. And it's light! Saves postage! (Idea: Tupperware packed with cookies, candy or fruit is a doubly wonderful gift!) Shopping for Tupperware is delightful, too. You buy it at a party - a fun-to-go-to home party where you shop for everybody at once! Call your distributor for your dealer's name."

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