Thursday, November 11, 2010

Krakus Atalanta Polish Ham, 1979

Woman's Day, April 24 1979.

"There's only one way to improve a Polish Ham... decorate it!

Enter our 'Decorate-a-Polish Ham' Contest
Win a free trip for 2 to Poland via LOT Polish Airlines or one of over 100 other prizes

Polish Ham is ultra-lean ham with no unwanted fat. No waste, more taste - more good eating for the money! It's the one ham you can proudly serve so many ways, because it's so lean, solid and meaty you can decoratively garmish it for any occasion (birthday, holiday, etc.) and enter it in our Decorate-a-Polish Ham Contest to win a valuable prize.

You see the difference... now taste the difference

Opening of these 8 canned hams pickes at random was witnessed by Good Housekeeping Institute. The lean ham without unwanted fat is the Polish Ham. (Photograph untouched.) Always... more meat for the money!"

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