Friday, August 13, 2010

Trevira, 1974

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, n.50, 22-28 October, 1974. Click image for 958 x 1294 size.

"Trevira, the updated fashion sense

Texlene, a Riopele fabric, is not just quality... the famous Trevira quality. It's modernity. In its texture, in its patterns and colours. A vigorously attractive fabric in any season and in any place. Studied and created to serve fashion, in its purest international line. Texlene, a Riopele fabric, is Trevira... it does not deform, it's resistant, inalterable and easy to wash and dry. Texlene, a Riopele fabric, is Trevira... the fashion-fiber traditionally young in the art of dressing well.

It's fashion, it's... Trevira.

Trevira - the international fiber of Fabwerke Hoechst A. G."

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vera said...

Andava mesmo à procura disto, queria saber o que era a trevira, obrigada !
são recortes de revistas ?