Tuesday, August 31, 2010

M&F meals, 1980s

The Muscular Gourmet..., originally uploaded by glen.h.
"Muscle and Fitness" mag.

"Muscular Gourmet by Mandy Tanny

Gourmet Dining on a Bodybuilder's Budget

Fitness through famine has become an institution so well respected that most serious dieters wouldn't dream of whipping up mousse or pate for fear of losing their rank in the race for 3% bodyfat. The dieter obediently takes the attitude that the less food there is and the simpler it is, the better it is for the diet.

This is true: Raw food in its natural state actually is best. It contains all the live enzymes that are destroyed in cooking, so you need and eat less of it to survive. Yes, this would be ideal, but unfortunately this practice is rarely taught in civilized cultures, and it would (Continues on page 238)

Bodybuilder-actor Richard Brose knows that M&F's low-budget meals skimp only on their cost, not their nutritional value. When he's not concentrating on diet, Richard makes his presence felt as the title character in Universal Studios Tour extravaganza 'Conan the Barbarian.'"

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