Friday, August 27, 2010

1847 Rogers Bros., 1938

1847 Rogers Bros., 1938
1847 Rogers Bros., 1938, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 665 x 874 size. Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 30s".

"Rosalind Russel gives spring's best tip to the Bride-To-Be

Rosalind Russel. M-G-M's brightest star in smart-world dramas, has this to say to brides-to-be:

'A wedding means so many things to decide!

'First, choosing him (though he thinks he chose you!)...

'Then selecting your wedding dress (I'd love the dress pictured here for myself!)...

'And then, choosing your silver pattern - the one that will grace your table all your days.

'The one I 'specially want you to see is the pattern I named -

'First Love'.

'It's 1847 Rogers Bros, newest - and it's beautiful!

'And when I think of how you can get 50 pieces and a gorgeous Bridal Chest besides for the price of 40 pieces. If you'll just hurry to your silver dealer's... You will hurry, won't you?"

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