Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cannon Towels, 1953

"Good Housekeeping" March 1953.

"Your bathroom - Four ways!

'Change-about Looks' with Cannon Towels is Bright New Decorating Idea

79c bath towel
It's not done with mirrors. It's done with Cannon towels! Here's a charming combination of rocket blue and lime - just two of many Cannon colors that can inspire the decorator in you! All Cannon colors sparkle through years of wear and washing!

98c bath towel
Sing a song of Serenade! This charming ensemble in radiant rose gives a bathroom a bright change of pace! You can switch ensembles as often as you please, for every Cannon bath towel comes with matching face towels and wash cloths!

198 bath towel
Different place? Just changed Cannons. Cavalier, in soft mimosa yellow, can add sunny beauty to your bathroom. And these towels feel as lovely as they look. 'Beauti-Fluff,' Cannon's exclusive finish, makes all Cannon towels truly luxurious and absorbent!

295 bath towel
A divine combine - pink and green! The style is Laurel, richly sculptured, luxuriously thick - just one of many brilliant fashions that can transform your bathroom. Thirsty? Yes! In fact, Cannon towels absorb five times their weight in water!

More women buy Cannon towels than all other brands combined!"

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