Saturday, August 21, 2010

Graviteste home pregnancy kit, 1974

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, No. 50, 22-28 October, 1974. Click image for 1679 x 2298 size.

"Am I...? Am I not...? - The truth at the ninth day.

Confidentially. In your home. You and Graviteste, alone.

At the ninth day without menstruation, you go to a pharmacy and buy Graviteste (you don't need a prescription).

And in two hours you'll know if you are pregnant or not. Without third parties being brought into the matter. Without having to go here or there. Using a method as safe as laboratorial ones (99% reliable).

Graviteste detects a special hormone that is produced by your urine when you are pregnant.

It's a simple and practical process: Graviteste includes a test tube, a drop-measurer, an ampoule, a small mirror and a support.

Once you have collected your morning's urine into a thoroughly clean recipient, you place three drops in the test tube, you add the content of the ampoule, shake and place the test tube on the support - then you wait two hours for the result.

If at the bottom of the tube (the mirror will help you to see) there appears a red ring, you are pregnant.

If not, the lack of menstruation may be due to other reasons and it would be advisable to seek a doctor.

(Caption of the image) You are pregnant You are not pregnant

And there you have it! All with the utmost privacy. It's all between you and Graviteste. All of it perfectly by yourself."

Gente, n.50, 22-28 October, 1974 - 50a

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