Friday, March 4, 2011

Springfield All Wool Blankets, 1951

What Beds Are Like in Heaven, originally uploaded by saltycotton.
House Beautiful, February 1951.

"Dream of yourself sleeping in clouds...

how billowy soft... soothing... wonderfully relaxing! This is the same luxurious rest you'll enjoy beneath a fine Springfield Sizeset all wool blanket... velvety SOFT... BEAUTIFUL as clouds in 1l esquisite pastel and deep tone colors.

'it's Sizeset!'

Springfield's Pre-Shrinking Process. Can be safely washed and washed. Eliminates excessive shrinkage. Eliminates matting and felting. Retains original hand and finish.

Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping

All Springfield Blankets are guaranteed against moth damage for 5 years.

The name famous in blankets"

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