Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ralay Baby, 1974

Click image for 958 x 1305 size. Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, n. 20, 26 March-1 April, 1974.

"Children love... Ralay Baby

A set of children's cosmetics prepared with rigorously selected ingredients.

LOTION - Rich in vitamin F and Calendule oil. Moisturizing and hypoallergenic properties.

OIL - Essence of carrot and sweet almonds. Effective in protecting sensitive areas of the skin.

SHAMPOO - With extract of Chamomile. Avoids characteristic irritations. Does not irritate the eyes.

COLOGNE - With glycerin and selected perfumes. Very fresh and soft.

Ralay Baby, for the health and hygiene of your baby."

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