Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Psssssst Dry Instant Shampoo, 1974

Click image for 958 x 1307 size. Scanned from Portuguese magazine Gente, n. 20, 26 March-1 April, 1974.

"Dry Instant Shampoo

Psssssst the dry shampoo in extremely fine spray quickly cleans your hair:

1 - Apply

2 - Spread

3 - Brush...

4 - And it's done

To obtain the best results, apply Psssssst all over your hair in small quantities. Repeat if necessary.

Gently rub your hair with the tip of your fingers. After a few seconds, brush carefully.

Now, also for oily hair. A Clairol product."


david lincoln brooks said...

Almost certainly Susan Dey of PARTRIDGE FAMILY fame.

M said...

Yes, it's her.