Thursday, February 17, 2011

El Marko, 1972

1972 El Marko Ad, originally uploaded by Neato Coolville.
"Idea Factory

Life of the party? Make your own invitations and decorations. El Marko gives you a party a personal touch that store-bought party paraphernalia can't match!

El Marko!
8 no mess watercolors!

El Marko Watercolors can't spill or drip because the color is stored inside the brush! El Marko eatercolors will launch a thousand projects. Pictures, puppets, masks, castles, posters, signs, party decorations, labels, ornaments - most anything! Non-toxic. Launders out. P. S. El Marko is also available in waterproof, smear-proof permanent ink!

Clip and save for your rainy day file!"

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