Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cire Aseptine, 1947

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Século Ilustrado, No. 485, April 19 1947.

"A romantic skin
with irresistible softness and fairness
in just 3 days
Thanks to the virgin wax contained in the heart of flowers.

It's in the heart of rare flowers, growing in the Côte d'Azur, that beauty specialists have found an extraordinary virgin wax to beautify skin. Distilled and sold in a practical cream and under the name Cire Aseptine, it really has a magical power over skin. Apply a little Cire Aseptine morning and night, and see how even skin that's ruined by weather or sun literally renews itself, because skin cells that've been 'burned' give place to new cells, all fair and admirably soft to the touch. Most times 3 days are sufficient to lighten up your skin in one or two shades and to soften it. From the first applications, the transformation is surprising: skin begins to take on that romantic fairness to which no man can resist. Ugly black spots and dilated pores disappear before your eyes and even freckles end up disappearing. Use Cire Aseptine also on your shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Cire Aseptine, in perfume shops and pharmacies."

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