Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colonia Milk, 1954

Click image for 1104 x 1584 size. Scanned from Brazillian magazine Fon Fon, No. 2446, 20 February 1954. Image kindly donated by Ciana Bodini.

"A new life for your skin!

Do, now, the toning 'Beauty Massage'

1 Daily, before going to bed, wash your face with plenty of water. Do not pat dry.

2 Next, shake the bottle, pour a bit of Colonia Milk on a cotton ball and smooth it over your wet face, using upward circular movements.

Now you no longer need to disguise flacidity or skin imperfections with excessive make-up. Yes... it'll be easy for you to keep the natural softness... the natural charm of your skin! Start today the revitalizing 'beauty massage' with the medicinal Colonia Milk, thus removing spots, zits, and so many eruptions. Your 'beauty massage' with Colonia Milk will make your skin be born again with a new and seductive natural charm!

Don't give up with Colonia Milk - it's preparaed by doctor Arthur Studart."

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