Friday, February 4, 2011

Coffeematic, 1959

McCall's, September 1959.

"Now in beautiful stainless
the lifetime metal that's always friendly to your coffee

New Universal Coffeematic with the Flavor-Selector

Stainless for Easy Cleaning

Just reach in the wide top and wipe clean. It never needs polishing, won't pit or stain and won't absorb bitter oils that spoil the perfect flavor of your coffee.

For those who want the very finest, Universal presents this new model of its famous Coffeematic in stainless steel. It combines the striking beauty of modern design with the ideal metal for perfect coffeemaking. And like every Coffeematic, it makes coffee exactly to your taste time after time. Simply set the Falvor Selector to the desired strength Coffeematic brews to perfection, signals when ready and keeps coffee piping-hot without increasing the strength.

Year after year... More people buy Universal Coffeematic than any other coffeemaker!"

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