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Yardley of London, 1966

Yardley of London ad, 1966
Yardley of London ad, 1966, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 751 x 1000 size. Scanned from The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60s.

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Yardley of London ad, 1966


For stealing kisses.
Outrageously beautiful female heavily armed with

Yardley's quick-change lip-polish. Dzzles. Dims. Gives 5 new London Looks to lips and lipsticks.

Attention! Be on the lookout for a maddeningly marvelous quickchange artist. Description: is sometimes dazzling. Sometimes dim. Sometimes wild, sometimes mild. Scotland Yardley reports it's her Slickers that do it. Watch carefully for these lip disguises:

She slides a Slicker over her lipstick for a stunning gloss... a shimmer, a glimmer of glamour.

She slides a Slicker under her lipstick to soften... to mellow... to tone down color.

She slides a Slicker on alone for a natural moist glow that's madly flattering, anything but innocent.

Don't be fooled! She has five kinds of Slickers to change with - each in a madly striped London Look case.

Basicsliker - gives her a pale, clear moist look.

Frosted Slicker - puts shimmery moonlight on her lips.

Surf Slicker - flickers like sea foam.

Sunny Slicker - turns on a lemony gold glow.

Tan-Tan Slicker - warms and burnishes.

Please Note: This girl has never been caught with dry lips because Slickers protect them from everything but kisses, kisses, kisses.

Caution: She carries her ammunition in a secret liplighter

a small ingenious little case for kissing. One ends holds a Slicker...

the other end a London Look lipstick in one of 6 man-trapping colors:

Chelsea Pink, Pinkadilly, Dicey Peach, Poppycock, Nippy Beige, Peachering.

It's got a convenient little mouthsize, too. For sliding Slickers and lipstick on her pretty, pretty London Look lips. And for peeking in back of her (just to make sure that she's being followed).

Clue: She has an eye for a buy and got an extra Slicker free!

All she did was buy a Liplighter and she got an absolutely free Slicker. That's a $3.60 value for only $2.50. Usually the price of the Liplighter case alone.

Hop Tip: For a limited time only You can get the same great value. Just buy this charm of a Liplighter and the extra Slicker is yours - Free! Free! Free!

Confidential: Want to be wanted too? Get Slickers by Yardley at your nearest drug or department store. Then give up at once and get the


Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!

Isn't it fun to be wanted?"


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lol, Bonne Année. Who don't want to be wanted if this is the fun you could get?

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