Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tokalon pink cream, 1947

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Século Ilustrado, No. 484, April 12 1947.

"How my skin grew 10 years younger in 2 months

'Just two months ago, I had wrinkles and lines on my forehead, around my eyes and mouth...'

'Today all my friends admire my smooth, clean skin, my girl-like fair complexion.'

A new skin youth in 10 days.

Today every woman can have a clear, satiny, flawless skin, and a girl's skin's delicate freshness thanks to the discovery of this celebrated professor of medicine, who was able to capture in lice cells the precious mother-substance that makes new skin grow, forcing it so that dead skin's cells are renewed, day after day. This truly organic food acts upon skin as a youth elixir, and can be found exclusively (under the name of 'biocel') in the finest of skin creams, pink 'Tokalon.' Apply this beneficial food-cream to your face and neck five days a week before going to bed: 'biocel' is immediately absorbed by the skin's millions of pores, impregnating the epidermis's deepest layers during your sleep, so that when you wake up your skin is smoother, and softer than ever, literally glowing with freshness. After ten days the roughest or most withered skin begins to metamorphose. Test made by Dr. Stejskal at the University of Vienna's Hospital proved that the wrinkles of women from ages 55 to 71 disappeared after the sixth week. In order to beautify and rejuvenate your skin try 'Tokalon' pink cream. You may find other, more expensive creams, but none more active. That is why those who've used it before you, sooner or later have used it again. 'Tokalon' pink cream, the nightly food-cream."

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