Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marjory C. Woodbury, Kilburnie Zephyr Gingham, 1918

Click image for 576 x 888 size. From Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919".

"Kilburnie Zephyr Fast Color
32 inches wide

Here is a gingham, charming in possibilities for color schemes, that is tub-proof and sun-proof. Its wide range of fashionable stripes and plaids are all fast color, woven for service as well as for beauty.

Everyone will wear gingham gowns this Summer. Make yours of Kilburnie Zephyr. Its many beautiful patters assure you of style and carry our unqualified guarantee to replace any piece that fades or runs.

Your Kilburnie dresses will be happy dresses and you can wear then to your heart's content. They will have the freshness and beauty to please and the quality of service so necessary to the utility dress.

Don't forget the name 'Kilburnie.' You will find a pattern suitable for every gingham need. If you are buying your Summer clothes already made, look for the Kilburnie labels in the smartest tub dresses.

If your store doesn't sell this extra wide, fast color, moderate priced gingham, write us.

'Some Facts About Color Fabrics'

Very likely you have blamed your laundry for faded colors. This booklet may lead you to change your mind. It tells you things you ought to know about dyes, About laundries and about getting satisfactory results from gingham. Sent free on request."

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