Friday, January 14, 2011

Pablum cereals, 1952

"Look" magazine, January 29, 1952.

"The four precooked cereals

that tempt his appetite and help him grow

Whether your child is four months or four years old, just see what flavor variety can do to tempt his appetite and keep him eating heartily.

How easy it is, now that you have four famous vitamin-and-mineral enriched Pablum cereals! All four have high nutritional values, yet flavors are delightfully different.

And so tasty! Pablum's exclusive manufacturing process brings out the full, rich natural grain flavor - and all the goodness is protected by the exclusive 'Handy-Pour' spout on Pablum packages.

No cooking for you either! As Pablum cereals are precooked, you simply add warm milk or water and serve, for a tasty, nourishing hot cereal for all your children.

You may have confidence in all four Pablum cereals - the cereals prescribed by more doctors for more babies and children than any other precooked vitamins-and-mineral enriched cereal in the world.

Mead Johnson & Co.
Evansville 21, Ind., U. S. A.
A world or counsel

Take your child regularly to the doctor. Let him add his skill and knowledge to your own loving care.

For the most precious person in your life.

New! Exclusive... Convenient... Hygienic

Only Pablum packages have the exclusive 'Handy-Pour' spout. It opens and closes with a flick of the finger, makes pouring easy, and keeps baby's cereal safe."

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