Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dental Embryodine, 1946

Scanned from Portuguese magazine O Século Ilustrado, n. 427, March 9 1946. Click image for 838 x 870) size.

"In 3 days
Dental Embryodine
Increases the health and beauty of your teeth

1st day: - Your teeth are free of all adherences and the jelly-like coat originated by fat foods.

2nd day: - The teeth's enamel is restored and the stains, tobacco's blackness or the yellowness caused by acids disappear, as if by magic.

3rd day: - Your teeth are then revealed in all their loveliness and your mouth is full of health, because:

1rst - "Dental Embryodine" is a versatile anti-bacteria and keeps your mouth always free from germs.

2nd - As it's a policalcium biocreme, it assures the constant strengthening of your teeth's enamel.

3rd - The embryonic juice maintains the dental nerves permanently youthful.

There fore if you desire beautiful, healthy and youthful teeth, do not forget that only this new discovery of colloidal chemistry can satisfy that ambition. Buy today your first Dental Embryodine."

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