Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dairy Industry Bureau, 1950s

Cheesy!, originally uploaded by glen.h.
Scanned from Dione Lucas Cookbook.

"Just like milk... butter and cheese belong on your family table!

Protect your family with Nature's own vitamin-balanced foods!

You never outgrow your need for foods made from milk!

Butter and cheese go naturally together! Both are the best of milk and both have a well-balanced vitamin content.

Butter is a natural food churned from 100 per cent real cream, and it is from cream that butter derives its subtle flavour. Full of energy-producing vitamins and concentrated goodness, butter is one of the highly protective foods for the winter season.

Cheese contains more protein than any other ready-to-eat food. It takes one gallon of milk to make one pound of cheese - a concentrated source of calcium so necessary for growing children.

Every cook and homemaker gets the most delightful results and the greatest food value by using foods made from milk!

In this Australia - just like milk... real butter and cheese belong on your family table.

Dairy Industry Bureau... acting collectively for the nationally important Dairy Industry"

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