Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alamac, 1967

1967 ... dead turkeys!, originally uploaded by x-ray delta one.
"Nobody knits for Sue Brett like Alamac

Count your blessings. Sue Brett serves up a new feast in Alamac's 80% Orlon 30/20% wool Shallyknit. It's a delectable A-shaper with inverted pleats and cobinding. In gold with shocking trim; like with pink; turquoise with orange. Sizes 5 to 15. About$26. At Arnold Constable, New York; Jordan Marsh, Boston; Marshall, Chicago; Gus Mayer, all stores; Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D. C.; and other fine stores. Fabric by Alamac Knitting Mills, Inc, 1412 Broadway, New York, New York."

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