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CraniTonic Hair-Food, 1903

CraniTonic Hair-Food, 1903
CraniTonic Hair-Food, 1903, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 1183 x 1777 size. From Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919".

The Food that Does The Hair Good


Makes Hair Grow
Stops Hair Falling Out
Prevents and Cures Dandruff

The Neglect of Your Hair May Be Its Ruin

If you have neglected your hair and scalp or have serious hair or scalp trouble, and are alarmed or worried because you have used or done the wrong thing and do not know what to do, read the following offer and start now, to stop your trouble

350,000 Triple Size Bottles To Be Distributed

Collier's Weekly has over 350,000 paid subscribers, all of whom would find pleasure and benefit in the use of CraniTonic Hair Food, of they but knew how delightfully refreshing its use is to all who suffer from dandruff, itching scalp, falling hair. We have therefore empowered the Chief Chemist attached to our Laboratories to send to every reader of Collier's Weekly, as an Introductory Offer, a Large Two Pound Physician's Size, $3.00 bottle of CraniTonic Hair Food with two cakes of CraniTonic Shampoo Soap (regular price 50cts a cake) and one tube of cream (regular price $1.00) making $5.00 worth of the Greatest Hair and Scalp Food in the World, all for $1.00. Post Office and Express Money Orders, Checks and Drafts are Safer than Currency or Stampa. Any of the above can be sent.

CraniTonic Hair and Scalp Food is Absolutely Pure and Non-Alcoholic

CraniTonic Hair and Scalp Food destroys the microbe that causes dandruff and falling hair, and nourishes the hair-root back to health.
CraniTonic Hair and Scalp Food makes hair grow - prevents hair splitting - renders coarse hair soft and silky.
CraniTonic Hair and Scalp Food cleanses the scalp of all irritation and keeps it healthful. The life of the hair is in the scalp.
CraniTonic Hair and Scalp Food restores gray hair to its natural color, not by dyeing, but by gently stimulating the pigment cells that give color to the hair.

CraniTonic Hair and Scalp Food is absolutely pure, harmless, contains no grease, no vulgar perfume, sediment, dye matter or dangerous drugs. It is pure, clean, clear as crystal, delightful to use and certain in its results.

'Twp years ago my hair was so badly burned that I was obliged to stay indoors. My doctor prescribed CraniTonic. The result was magical: the burned hair all came out and a healthy new growth took its place. My photo shows its present condition.'
(Miss) Lillian M. Totten
No. 72 West 105th St., New York City. March 10, 1903.

'The diagnosis made by the Chief Physician of your Medical Department was so accurate, his attention so courteous and the results of the CraniTonic Treatment t so beneficial that I feel it my duty to write to you and send photograph.'
(Miss) L. Mae Cranston.
No. 248 West 24th St., New York City. January 15, 1903.

'My success with CraniTonic has been so great that I feel I could convince the public of the great benefits that can be obtained from its use that all persons with poor hair at once adopt CraniTonic.'
M. Camille Muller.
No. 862 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. May 21, 1903

'My hair was dry and brittle and falling out in an alarming manner. A friend suggested CraniTonic. Its use restored my hair to health. It is soft, strong and easy to arrange. I have recommended CraniTonic to many friends, all of whom praise it.'
(Miss) Jennie Cuthel.
No. 728 East 139th St., New York City. March 31, 1903

For Sale by Dealers in - Three Sizes - for One, Two and Five Dollars the Bottle. Sent to Any Point on Order. Express Prepaid

Hair Education

All readers of Collier's Weekly who are troubled about their hair and who would like a microscopic examination of their hair, and will call or send a few hair pulled from the head, or a sample from the daily combings, will receive from our Medical Department, by mail, Absolutely Free, a full report and diagnosis.

Hair-Food Free

To enable the public to observe its Purity, Learn of its Possibilities and what it has done for others, a trial bottle of CraniTonic Hair-Food and a book entitled Hair Education will be sent, by mail, pre-paid, to all who send name and complete address, and Ten Cents in stamps or silver to pay postage."

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