Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tokalon face cream, 1945

Scanned from Portuguese magazine O Século Ilustrado, Nº409, 1945.

"I declare! This Biocel food is wonderful for my skin! It proves that one's Skin can eat

My doctor told me that the Biocel contained in this special food is obtained from carefully selected young animals. It penetrates deeply into the skin and supllies it with all the elements it needs to stay firm, fresh and young. It was discovered by a great professor from the Vienna University, and it's been blended with Tokalon face cream. It's Pink, in just the right portions to nurish the cutaneous fibres. Use this cream at night before you go to bed and in the morning use the White Tokalon cream. In three days it will rid you from your skin's imperfections and from flacid, rough muscles. Professor Dr. Stejskal conducted a series of tests in a Vienese hospital on women from the ages of 55 to 72, and their wrinkles disappeared in less than six weeks."

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