Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lithinés du Dr. Gustin, 1930

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Ilustração, No. 114, Septembre 16 1930. Click image for 868 x 978 size.

"Excessive uric acid is dangerous to everyone, because it causes a poisoning of the blood. It is the main cause or arthritis. It is a true shackle that one might have to drag along during one's whole life. The most effective, easy and economic treatment consists of always drinking water that's been prepared with Lithinés du Dr. Gustin. It is the wisest regimen to follow, both by the healthy and the ill, to preserve themselves from the ailments of excessive uric acid, such as:

Rheumatism, gout, hepatic and nephritic colics, gall bladder stones, sciatic, diabetes, etc.

Only this way one can avoid poisoning by uric acid and its consequences.

Do not be fooled by imitations."

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