Thursday, December 31, 2009

United Airlines, 1972

United Airlines ad, 1972, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 70s". Click image for 672 x 873 size.

"United's New Yorkers

Presenting The Great Wide Way to New York.

United's New Yorkers have something you'll only find in one other place. In New York City itself. We've captured some of the local color, character and flavor of New York and put it on all our flights to New York. And in our boarding areas. You'll find our 747 and DC-10 New Yorkers have all the bigness and fun of New York. With Plenty of room to go sight-seeing. And just like new York we offer a wide variety of meals and entertainment. And our lounges - we have more of them and more room in them than anyone outside of the real live new York City. Call United or your Travel Agent. And take your trip to new York on the Great Wide Way. United's New Yorkers.

The widest choice of lounges in the sky. The two Coach lounges on our 747 New Yorkers are big enough to handle a chorus line in a finale. And soon, on all our 747's you'll get to see the biggest, most beautiful First Class lounge ever on any plane. Our DC-10 New Yorkers have their own Coach and First Class loungers.

A wide choice of things to eat. Now direct from that star-studded menu on New Yorkers... entrées that'll make you think you're already in New York. Specialties from our Chefs. Salutes from Trader Vic. And for the kiddies, you can order hamburgers and hot dogs when you make your reservations.

Wide selection of tours. Any way you'd like new York, United can give it to you. And many of our tours cost less than round-trip air fair alone. Your Travel Agent or United can set the whole thing up. So all you have to do is pack. And don't forget to pack your United Air Lines Travel Card.

The widest Coach seat story ever told. United's DC-8 New Yorkers. Starring the transcontinental biggie, the 5-across Coach seat. Wider and more comfortable than any seat from here to New York. And here's another star. A Friend Ship Service Director on every DC-8 New Yorker. He can confirm car rental or hotel reservations. Right on board.

A wide range of entertainment. And now the news, weather and sports, with Radio Free United. Or if you'd like, stereo channels with Broadway's greatest shows. Or chuckles with a comedy album. Or classical or rock music. Or right-down-the-middle easy listenin'. And on selected flights the best first-run films in the sky at a nominal charge in Coach.

Instant Check-In. No more waiting in all those lines. Now, with our Friend Ship Check-in you can check in and get your number of places - counters, gates, just about anywhere. And we have Friend Ship Booths and Friend Ship Girls to answer your questions.

While you're in our New Yorker boarding area stop by our New Yorker Coffee stand and have a little bit of New York before you get there.

Fly the friendly skies of United. The Great Wide Way to New York."

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